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We can help you enjoy more of your space, inside and out!


Our Aluminum Picket, Glass, and Custom Railings...


Dalron's Welded Picket Aluminum Railing Panel System is constructed to the highest standards, offering strength and durability without the maintenance issues of a steel deck railing system. All picket railings are constructed individually to exacting standards right here in our Comox fabrication shop. This assures a quality and consistent product you can count on to look great and last a good long time.


Dalron's Glass Railing System has sturdy aluminum posts with glass panels inserted in between. An aluminum cap on top and another on the bottom provide added rigidity and a confortable handrail on the top. Like our welded aluminum picket railing, all our aluminum work is individually fabricated and welded in our Comox shop.


Our Custom Glass Railing System is not unlike our glass railing system for sturdiness and durability, it does however differ in that it has no top edge handrail or bottom edge aluminum rigidizer rail. These railing are great for view homes where people wish to have a railing but do not want it to impede their view in any way.


Dalron Home Improvements is Island proud, owned and operated. Call today at 250-338-3756 for a free quote!

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