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We can help you enjoy more of your space, inside and out!


Our Waterproof Vinyl Decking...

Dalron's vinyl decking is a factory manufactured waterproof sheet vinyl membrane flooring that comes on a roll and is installed by our experienced vinyl installation team. Our installation team of professionals have vast experience in the intricacies of vinyl installation and they are sure to attend to every detail that your individual project may present. Our vinyl decking surfaces profide a waterproof coating that is as tough as it is beautiful.
Dalron installs waterproof vinyl decking on new construction projects as well as renovation projects which may present challenges beyond the scope of what is involved in a new construction project. Either way, Dalron has got you covered.


Attractive, funtional, 100% waterproof and affordable, Dalron's professionally installed vinyl deck coating is the perfect way to not only make your deck look great, but it will keep it looking great for years to come.


Dalron Home Improvements is Island proud, owned and operated. Call today at 250-338-3756 for a free quote!

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